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Al Dawaa Medical expands its presence via online with Haspatal App

Al Dawaa Medical expands its presence via online with Haspatal App

Al Dawaa Medical has expanded its presence by collaborating with Haspatal App to reach more customers in their area through online delivery of medicines.

Abdul Rasheed the owner of Al Dawaa Medical has said “These days, patients prefer to order their medications online, but they are concerned about the quality and delivery time when doing so. We appreciate Haspatal App’s initiative, which improves our healthcare by implying a better communication solution between pharmacies and patients.

To provide excellent services, we prioritise the patients. We look forward to taking our services to the next level by integrating to all patients in our coverage area by utilising the Haspatal Remote Healthcare Program.

Telemedicine will be the next technological frontier in India’s healthcare ecosystem. To deliver exceptional services, we place a high premium on our patients. We hope to take our services to the next level by connecting to all patients with the Haspatal Remote Healthcare Program,” said Radhika Gulati, program coordinator for the Haspatal Program in India.

Team Haspatal congratulates Al Dawaa Medical on their decision to join this cutting-edge platform, which will provide excellent healthcare services to over one crore patients across India, with the goal of making patients’ lives easier through innovative services.

Absal Manooryl, the Director Operations for Haspatal Program in India, welcomed Al Dawaa Medical for joining this initiative to provide better care to patients in need.

Patients in Calicut can now order directly from  Al Dawaa Medical using quick access code 91P0000205 and enjoy a cash-on-delivery mode within minutes.