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Doctors FAQ

Haspatal MD is a specialized service for the doctors who register at Haspatal program to provide their services to our patients.

To register as a doctor, please  download Haspatal MD app.

There is an easy process for doctors registration in this app.

This specialized app has all doctor relevant features


You will need the following:

1. Your Valid Dr License/ Council Registration.

2. Your Profile Picture

3. Image of a Cancelled Cheque (optional)

There is no registration fees for doctors. Its free

You can enjoy our services and the platform free for the first year. 

We do not charge any commission from your consultation fees.

We do not charge any sort of marketing fees from doctors. Our goal is to help our patients know about you

After verification of your documents, you will be given a unique 10 digit Quick Access Code. You can provide this code to your patients so that they can take the consultations remotely or book an appointment quickly. 

Quick Access Code turns Haspatal App practically as your personalized app.

At Haspatal app, your public profile is automatically created based upon the information submitted by you at the time of registration. 

You can edit your profile any time 

Haspatal app interface is very user friendly. You will not need any training. However, our support and tutorial videos for you are always available.

Haspatal does not impose any pricing. Doctors are  encouraged to use their own market friendly pricings. 

Haspatal will make payment to you for every conducted video consultation

Your payment for video consultation is credited automatically upon successful submission of the prescription immediately , by the system. There is no delay.

Haspatl app’s advanced technology works well on all android phones. 

You will not need any additional equipment to conduct most of video consultations. 

However , you will need to ensure the following:

1. There should be sufficient light on your face but very low light behind you. 

2. There should be no or minimum noise on your side so that patients can hear clearly what you say.

3. There should be minimum distraction to the patients arising out of frequent movement of your staff in front of your camera.

You will love Haspatal MD app for this.

1. Haspatal Video Consultations are Scheduled Consultations which are scheduled as per your convenience at the time slots marked by you for this purpose.

2. Haspatal patients arrive at a virtual waiting room and the doctor is informed immediately. You can attend to remote patient after attending your in clinic patient before you.

3. Haspatal video consultations are initiated by the doctor not by the patients.


You can onboard your patients easily by sending them your Haspatal Quick Access Code. This will make them find and connect with you on Haspatal easily.

Yes, Definitely.

Any one any time can use Haspatal app to book and take a video consultation from any of our registered doctors.