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Why Join Haspatal Program as Imaging Center?

Haspatal App aims to serve thousands of patients in your coverage area.

When you join Haspatal App as an Imaging Center,  the orders from neighborhood patients are bound to increase.


Haspatal Program believes in transparent policies to work with our network  Imaging Centers Patients make payments directly to the an Imaging Centers upon receiving their services

There is no delay or waiting period for our network Imaging Centers for payments. Hence, not only the profits but  the cash flow of your Imaging Center also increases with every order.

At Haspatal Program, our network  Imaging Centers select their own coverage area where they can provide services easily. This means you will receive orders within your coverage area.

Join  Haspatal Program without paying any Registration Charges. 

Its Free  Registration now.

Haspatal Program does not charge any commission from its service providers for the services that they provide to our patients.

Haspatal Program does not charge any marketing fee from its service providers.

Haspatal does not charge any monthly or yearly subscription from its network  Imaging Centers

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