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Complete Healthcare Everywhere

Thousands of verified healthcare service providers ready to help you now!

Verified Hospitals, Doctors, Diagnostic Centers, Therapists, Home Care, Ambulance, Counseling Centers, Dentists, and many more… across India
Haspatal – A Complete Healthcare through Mobile App

All your health in one place!

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Just don’t believe us. Hear what our patients have said !

Rajesh Arora

Bengaluru, Karnataka


Hands down, the best experience I’ve had in my life when it comes to healthcare. I have never experienced a doctor’s appointment like this before. From the moment I came in it was personal attention with no interruptions. I have never enjoyed going to the doctor like I did here. You come in and first thing they do is take your vitals using state of the art technology.Haspatal provides online consultation and many other services for a healthy lifestyle.

Vishi Sharma

Gurgaon, Haryana


I usually don’t talk with doctors online, this is the first time and I have to say it was a good experience. with Haspatal I choose my doctor according to my choice and preference and the doctor responded in about 7-8 minutes. first asked many questions to understand my situation and then explained my case to me with symptoms, causes, and diagnosis. the service was so awesome! will return and recommend my friends also!

Ashok Abraham

Kozikode, Kerala


I had one of the great experiences with the haspatal app. The doctor answered quickly, solved issues, asked many questions to understand my case. I told the doctor about the past history and thanks for listening to it so patiently. After my consultation, I order medicines from my nearest pharmacy from the haspatal app according to the prescription. Haspatal has made our life easy. Happy with the services.                                                                                                                   

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What factors affect sexual health? Haspatal App

What factors affect sexual health? Haspatal App

What factors affect sexual health? Individuals’, couples’, and families’ overall health and well-being, as well as communities’ and countries’ social and economic development, are all

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