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Bladder Stones and Symptoms-

Bladder stones


Bladder stones are hard mineral masses in the bladder. They occur when concentrated urine minerals crystallize to form stones. This usually happens when there is a problem with complete emptying of the bladder.

Small bladder stones may pass without treatment, but bladder stones may require medication or surgery. If left untreated, bladder stones can cause infections and other complications.


Some bladder stones do not cause problems. However, it often disturbs the bladder wall and prevents urine from coming out. When this happens, you can:

  • Blood is mixed in urine
  • burning sensation or pain when peeing
  • Have trouble urinating or stop and get up
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, pain in the penis and testicles in men
  • Especially at night
  • See cloudy or darker urine


Drinking plenty of water can help small stones pass naturally. However, bladder stones often form because it is difficult to empty the bladder completely, so the excess water may not be enough to allow the stones to pass.

In most cases you need to get rid of the stones. There are several ways to do this.

Smash the stones

One method is to first administer a paralyzing drug or general anesthetic to render him unconscious. Finally, insert a small tube with a camera into the bladder and show the stone to the doctor. Lasers, ultrasound, or other devices then break up the stone and expel it from the bladder.

Surgical resection

Sometimes bladder stones can be large or difficult to break. In such cases, the doctor will surgically remove the stone from the bladder.

If bladder stones are the result of bladder outlet obstruction or benign prostatic hyperplasia, these problems usually need to be treated surgically at the same time as bladder stones.

Inflammation of the gall bladder, which led to gangrene in the current cases, usually happens in those with gall stones. An acute inflammation without stones is usually seen only in 10% cases where the patient is either has a weakened immune system or has suffered an injury. Read more about it on Hindustantimes.com
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