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Can damp and mold affect my health?

Yes, exposure to damp and mould can affect your health. Damp and mouldy settings can have a variety of health consequences. Mold sensitivity affects some people. Mold exposure can cause symptoms such as a stuffy nose, wheezing, and red or itchy eyes or skin in these patients. Some patients, such as those with mould allergies or asthma, may experience more severe reactions. Workers exposed to excessive concentrations of mould in occupational situations, such as farmers working with mouldy hay, may experience severe reactions. Fever and loss of breath are common severe reactions.

It’s crucial to know what mould and moisture are before you can grasp how they harm your health.

What is the definition of dampness?

Excessive moisture in a structure causes dampness. This excess moisture is either coming in from the outside (penetrating damp / rising damp) or coming in from condensation within the structure. Condensation-related damp is commonly caused by poor ventilation, excess moisture, and inadequate heating.

What exactly is mould?

Black Mould is a form of fungus that thrives in moist or humid environments. The appearance of the mould infection varies depending on the severity of the infection.

Black mould begins to create spores, which enable the mould to continue reproducing and developing. They are to blame for the majority of health issues caused by damp and mould in the home.

What are the health effects of mould?


Mould in wet buildings can cause nasal congestion, sneezing, coughing, wheezing, respiratory infections, and asthma and allergy symptoms to worsen.

People with the following conditions are more prone to these symptoms and potentially major health consequences:

• Immune systems that have been weakened

• Allergies

• Asthma attack

• Lung disorders that are chronic, obstructive, or allergic

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