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Dr. Archana Prasannan is now available at Haspatal App.

Dr. Archana Prasannan is now available at Haspatal App.

Dr. Archana Prasannan is a Trichologist (the department of Dermatology) with 2 years of experience.


What is a Trichologist?


A trichologist is a doctor who specialises in the field of trichology, which is the study of diseases and disorders of the hair and scalp, as well as their treatment. Their major expertise is on scalp and hair science. Trichologists are trained in the anatomy of the scalp and hair structure, and most have a cosmetology background. Through this training, they are able to diagnose and treat different types of hair loss and scalp conditions.


What is the role of a trichologist, and when should you seek one out?


Specialists in this profession are able to help with greasy scalps, hair loss, and psoriasis on the scalp. Trichologists can diagnose and treat hair-pulling disorders like alopecia and trichotillomania. Trichologists inspect your hair and scalp to diagnose and prescribe therapy based on the severity of your disease.

These are a few of the most common scalp and hair problems that trichologists treat:

  • Excessive hair shedding and hair loss (Telogen Effluvium)
  • Dermatitis and/or eczema
  • Scalp itch
  • Dandruff
  • Oily scalp and hair
  • Hereditary hair thinning
  • Pre- and post-menopausal hair thinning
  • Pre- and post-pregnancy hair thinning
  • Stress or trauma-related hair thinning
  • Distressed, damaged, weak hair


 What can you expect from a visit to the Trichologist?


You should expect a comprehensive inspection of your hair and scalp when you see a trichologist. You will probably be asked questions regarding your hair care routine, diet, and lifestyle by the trichologist. Your responses may benefit the trichologist in determining how to treat you or whether you should be sent to another expert or a physician. Hair analysis is occasionally done by trichologists to check for structural damage or the presence of lice or fungus. Trichologists may occasionally request a blood test from your primary care physician.

The next best action will be recommended by the trichologist once a diagnosis has been made. This might involve the following:

  • A recommendation to a different expert, such as a specialist or a primary care physician
  • Topical creams or lotions
  • Nutrition advice
  • If your problem appears to be stress-related, visit a mental health specialist.

How to consult Dr. Archana Prasannan?


Dr. Archana Prasannan is a qualified Trichologist and now she is available for video consultation through the Haspatal App. Patients can now consult him from the comfort of their homes using Haspatal App for a video consultation appointment through quick access code 91-D-000 000 106 or to book an in-clinic appointment.