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Dr. Nikhila P.K is now available at Haspatal App.

Dr. Nikhila P.K is now available at Haspatal App.

Dr. Nikhila P.K specialization lies in laser treatment, hair transplant, cosmetic treatment, and hair fall management. She also treats Skin and nail disorders.

What is Cosmetology Medicine?


Cosmetology is the art and science of improving one’s hair, nails, and skin look. A cosmetologist is a specialist who performs cosmetic procedures, therapies, and treatments on people’s hair, skin, and nails in order to improve their appearance. Hairstyling (cutting and colouring hair), aesthetics (skin care), makeup application, nail care (manicures and pedicures), and other aesthetic treatments are only a few of the many specialties in cosmetology.

What does a Cosmetologist do and when should you visit one?


A cosmetologist is a makeup artist who also specialises in skin care and cosmetics. He or she provides hair, skin, and body cosmetics as well as other beauty treatments. Cosmetologists are recognised to do a variety of vocations, including hair styling, barbering, aesthetics, nail technician, make-up artist, and electrology, due to the large range of services they provide.

What can you expect from a Cosmetologist visit?


Your visit to the cosmetologist should be enjoyable, and it will begin similarly to a visit to your primary care physician. You’ll be questioned about your daily routine, such as how you do your hair in the morning. You’ll be asked, among other things, what hair products you’ve used in the past or now use. They will assist you in identifying solutions to your difficulties and making product recommendations that are appropriate for your hair type.


How to consult Dr. Nikhila P.K.?


Dr. Nikhila P.K. is a board-certified cosmetologist who now offers video consultations through the Haspatal App. Patients may now consult him from the comfort of their own homes by scheduling a video consultation through quick access code 91- D- 000 000 105 or an in-clinic visit using the Haspatal App