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How blocked tear duct can affect your health?

Blocked Tear Ducts

If the blocked tear duct is clogged, tears will not flow normally, leaving watery and itchy eyes. This condition is caused by a partial or complete obstruction of the tear drainage system.

Obstruction of the lacrimal duct is common in newborns. The condition usually improves within the first year of life without any treatment. In adults, obstruction of the lacrimal duct can be due to injury, infection, or, rarely, a tumor.


The signs and symptoms of blocked tear duct or lacrimal duct obstruction are:

  • Excessive tears
  • Redness of the white part of the eyes
  • Recurrent eye infection or inflammation (pink eyes)
  • Painful swelling near the inner corner of the eye
  • Eyelid skin
  • Excretion of mucus and pus from the surface of the eyelids and eyes
  • Blurred vision


If your blocked tear duct is blocked, there are ways to get relief. Treatment can open or bypass the obstructed lacrimal duct to allow tears to flow normally again. Opening the tube often relieves symptoms such as tears, pain, and redness.

These treatments can help babies and adults if the obstructed lacrimal duct does not open spontaneously.


One of the easiest ways to fix an obstruction in a baby (or adult) is to massage the lacrimal sac (the area where tears flow from the eyes into the lacrimal duct). Take a cotton swab or clean finger twice a day (morning and evening) and gently rub the lower corner of the baby’s eyes and the side of the nose for a few seconds. This movement should allow a clear liquid to flow from the corners of the eyes. Massage pressure can open the membrane that covers the lacrimal duct.


Your doctor may prescribe antibiotic eye drops or ointments. Antibiotics do not open obstructions, but they can treat infections and remove secretions from the eyes.

Even though a blocked tear duct is something no one can foresee, it is always good to stay informed, especially when it is something that experts say is surprisingly common among children.

Here is what you need to know and what you can do if your child’s tear duct gets blocked. Read about it on The Citizen.

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