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How breast cysts can affect your health?

Breast Cysts


Breast cysts are benign (not cancerous). These are one of the most common causes of breast lumps and can occur in one or both breasts. Regular changes in hormone levels are thought to develop naturally as the breast changes with age. It is common to have more than one cyst.

The breast consists of lobules (mammary glands) and ducts (tubes that carry milk to the nipples). The mammary gland is surrounded by fibrous supporting tissue known as breast tissue and fat. This tissue gives the breast its size and shape. From time to time, the mammary glands may become filled with fluid. These are breast cysts.



If you have a breast cyst, you may feel the following lumps:

  • Soft or hard.
  • Round and smooth.
  • It is excruciating before the menstrual cycle.
  • It is easy to move under the skin.



Simple breast cysts (filled with asymptomatic fluid) that occur after ultrasonography or fine-needle aspiration of the breast do not require any treatment. Many cysts disappear without treatment. Talk to your doctor if you notice persistent, rough, or skin changes in the skin over the cyst.

Fine needle suction

Fine needle aspiration can be used to diagnose and treat a breast cyst if all the fluid from the cyst can be removed during surgery, and then the lump in the breast disappears,s and symptoms disappear.

However, some breast cysts may need to drain the water several times. Recurrent or new cysts are common. If a breast cyst persists and grows over several menstrual cycles, consult your doctor for further evaluation.

Hormone use

The use of contraceptives (oral contraceptives) to regulate the menstrual cycle can help reduce the recurrence of breast cysts. However, oral contraceptives or other hormonal treatments such as tamoxifen are usually only recommended for women with severe symptoms, as they can have serious side effects. Discontinuing hormone therapy after menopause can also help prevent breast cysts.

Finding a breast lump can be alarming. Lumps can form anywhere on the chest, including under the breast at the bra line. Know more about it on healthline.com

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