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How breast pain can affect your health?

Breast Pain


Breast development due to increased estrogen during adolescence. During the menstrual cycle, various hormones cause changes in breast tissue, causing pain and discomfort in some women. Breasts don’t usually hurt, but occasional chest pain is joint.

Breast pain, also known as breast pain, is a common symptom in women. Pain is often classified as periodic or aperiodic.



Breast pain can be periodic or periodic. Systematic means that the pain occurs in a regular pattern. Aperiodic implies that the pain is constant or does not have a common practice. Each type of breast pain has different characteristics.

Periodic breast pain

  • Associated with changes in the menstrual cycle and hormone levels
  • Described as dull, heavy, or aching
  • It is usually accompanied by swelling, bloating, and lumps in the breast.

Nonperiodic breast pain

  • Independent of the menstrual cycle
  • Defined as a feeling of tightness, burning, stinging, or pain
  • Fixed or intermittent


  • Reduce the amount of salt used.
  • Wear a supportive bra.
  • Apply local heat to the painful area.
  • If necessary, take over-the-counter pain relievers sparingly.
  • Avoid caffeine. Well-designed studies have not shown that avoiding caffeine can treat chest pain. However, many women report that reducing their intake of tea, coffee, chocolate, and energy drinks significantly improves their symptoms.
  • Try Vitamin E. While some women find it helpful, research has not consistently shown the benefits of vitamin E for treating chest pain. Taking Vitamin E for a few weeks to see if it helps is unlikely to do any harm. However, long-term use of vitamin E supplements for breast pain is not recommended, as some research suggests that this may not be safe.
  • Try omega-three fatty acids. Although rigorous studies have not proven effective, some women find it helpful to increase their fish oil/omega-3 supplements. Natural dietary sources include dark green leafy vegetables, sea-grown (“wild”) cold-water fish, flax, walnuts, and sesame. Omega 3 supplements can also be taken with prescription and over-the-counter medications.

We all experience aches and pains from time to time. One type of pain you may encounter is breast pain that spreads to or includes your armpit.

There are several causes for this type of pain. However, when it happens, it can sometimes be hard to determine what causes it and whether it’s serious. You can read more about it on healthline.com

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