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How broken ankle can affect your body?

Broken Ankle


Ankle fractures and fractures are bone injuries. For example, a simple misstep, a twist from a fall, or direct trauma from a car accident can result in an ankle fracture.

The severity of ankle fractures varies. Fractures range from small cracks in the bone to fractures that puncture the skin.



Signs and symptoms of ankle injuries and fractures tend to be noticeable.

  • Pain is the most common complaint.
  • In most cases, the pain does not come from the exact area of the fracture.
  • Fractures can occur in the foot (especially near the big toe) or knee, causing pain.
  • Ankle pain often interferes with walking.
  • The swelling usually occurs around the ankles.
  • The swelling indicates that the blood around the joint or the fluid in the standard, possibly blood, has damaged the soft tissue.
  • If there is blood in the joint, it is called intra-articular bleeding.



Treatment of ankle fractures depends on which bone is broken and the severity of the injury.

Your doctor may recommend over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen (such as Tylenol).

After the bones have healed, you need to relax the stiff muscles and ligaments in your ankles and feet. A physical therapist can teach exercises to improve flexibility, balance, and fitness.

Surgery or other procedure

discount. If the fracture isn’t aligned, meaning both ends aren’t aligned properly, the doctor may need to put the fracture back in place. This process is called reduction. Depending on the amount of pain and swelling, muscle relaxants, tranquilizers, or local anesthetics may be required to paralyze the area before this procedure.

Immobilization. Broken bones need to be fixed to heal. In most cases, this requires special boots or castings.

A high ankle sprain injury can cause a significant amount of pain and can dramatically impact your ability to stand, walk, or exercise. This is because this type of sprain causes symptoms like stiffness, soreness, and instability in your lower leg. Read more about it on

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