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How broken nose can affect your body?

Broken Nose


A broken nose is the most common fracture of the face. Most often, it occurs after an injury and often in conjunction with other fractures of the face.

Nose and neck injuries often occur together. A blow strong enough to injure your nose can be hard enough to hurt your neck.

Serious nose injuries cause problems that require immediate attention from the healthcare provider. For example, blood clots can form in the nose when the cartilage is damaged. If this blood is not drained immediately, it can cause an abscess or permanent deformity blocking the nose. It can lead to tissue death and a crushed nose.

For broken nose injuries, the provider recommends meeting the person within a week of the damage to see if the nose is out of its standard shape.



Signs and Symptoms of Nose Fractures:

  • Pain and tenderness, especially when touching the nose
  • Swelling in and around the nose
  • bleeding from the nose
  • Bruises around the nose and eyes
  • Bent or malformed nose
  • Shortness of breath through the nose
  • mucus drainage from the nose
  • I feel that one or both of my nasal passages are blocked.


If your doctor confirms that your nose is broken, he will likely wait for the swelling to subside before deciding whether it needs to be corrected. If so, they choose to repair with or without surgery. They know what works best for your wound. You can expect from both steps:

1- Medication: Your doctor will give you painkillers before the procedure. Then they open your nostrils with a flat instrument called a speculum. They use special equipment to restore your broken bone and cartilage.

Your doctor uses a tampon in your nose. They also put the dressing outside. It keeps your nose in place while it heals. They may give you antibiotics to prevent infection.

2-Surgery: Your doctor will likely choose this option if you have a severe nasal fracture or have not had treatment for more than two weeks. The aim is to put the bones in place and change the shape of the nose as needed.

You will receive painkillers for this procedure. Nasal surgery may also be required to correct respiratory problems. In most cases, you can go home on the day of surgery. However, you may need to stay home for about a week due to swelling or bruising.

A broken nose also called a nasal fracture or nose fracture is a break or cracks in the bone or cartilage of your nose. These breaks typically occur over the bridge of the nose or in the septum, which is the area that divides your nostrils. Read more about it on healthline.com

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