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How broken toe can affect your body?

Broken toe


Fractures of the toes are the most common injuries caused by dropping something on foot or puncturing the toe.

It can usually be treated by taping the broken finger to the next finger. However, severe fractures, especially the big toe, may require a cast or surgery to ensure proper healing.



Throbbing pain in the toes is the first sign that it may break. You may also hear a fracture in case of an injury. Fractures, also called fractures, can cause swelling during fractures.

If you have a broken toe, the skin near the injury may appear damaged or temporarily change the color. It also makes it harder to put weight on your toes. Walking or just standing can be painful. A bad break can also dislocate your toes, causing you to rest at an unnatural angle.

Sprained toes should not appear to be misaligned. It will still swell, but it can reduce bruising. Sprained toes may be sore for a few days, after which they should begin to heal.

Another critical difference between breaks and sprains is the location of the pain. Fractures usually occur where they are broken. Sprains can cause pain in the more common areas around the toes.

The only way to be sure an injury is a fracture or sprain is to see a doctor. They can examine your toes and determine the type of injury.




Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB, etc.), naproxen sodium (Aleve), and acetaminophen (Tylenol, etc.) can often be used to manage pain from broken legs. If the pain from the fracture is more severe, your doctor may prescribe more potent pain relievers.


If the bony remnants are not fully seated, the doctor will need to manipulate the skeletal remnants to snap (reduce) them into place. Doctors can usually do this without cutting the skin. Ice or injected anesthetics are used to paralyze the toes.


To heal, the broken bone must be fixed so that both ends can be braided together. Here is an example:

  • Friend banding. If there is a simple fracture in one of the little toes, the doctor may tape the injured toe to the adjacent toe. An intact toe acts as a splint. Be sure to put gauze or felt between your toes before taping to avoid skin irritation.
  • Hard-soled shoes. Your doctor may prescribe soft shoes with a stiff sole and covered with fabric bands for post-surgery. This will prevent your toes from bending and give you more room to deal with the swelling.
  • A cast may be required if the broken finger rash does not fit properly.


In some cases, the surgeon may need to use a needle, plate, or screw to maintain the proper position of the bone during healing.

Broken toes are often caused by trauma or injury. Prolonged repetitive movements can cause a type of broken toe called a stress or hairline fracture. Read more about it on Medicinenet.com

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