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How buerger's disease can affect your health?

Buerger’s disease


Buerger’s disease, also known as thromboangiitis obliterans, is an inflammation of small and medium-sized blood vessels. Any artery can be affected, but it usually indicates that the streets in the feet and hands are blocked, causing pain and tissue damage.



Symptoms of Buerger’s disease include:

  • Pain and numbness in hands and feet.
  • Pale, reddish, or bluish hands or feet.
  • Pain that can go in and out of your feet, feet, arms, or hands. This pain may occur when you use your hands or feet and is relieved when you stop activity (lameness) or rest.
  • Inflammation along the veins just below the skin surface (due to blood clots in the veins).
  • Fingers and toes that turn pale when exposed to cold (Raynaud’s phenomenon).



There is no cure for Buerger’s disease, but the most effective way to prevent it from getting worse is to stop using all tobacco products. Even a few cigarettes a day can exacerbate the disease.

Your doctor can recommend medications to help you quit smoking and stop swelling of your blood vessels. Nicotine replacement products provide nicotine, which activates Buerger’s disease and should be avoided. There are non-nicotine products you can use.

Another option is a home smoking cessation program. These programs allow you to stay in a treatment facility or even hospital for a certain number of days or weeks. In the meantime, you can attend daily counseling sessions and other activities to satisfy your tobacco craving and learn to live without tobacco.

There are other treatments for Buerger’s disease, but these are less effective than quitting smoking. The options are:

  • Medicines that widen blood vessels, improve blood flow, and dissolve blood clots
  • Intermittent pressure on the arms and legs to increase blood flow to the limbs
  • spinal cord stimulation
  • Disconnection in case of infection or gangrene

 It is a rare condition and type of vasculitis in which inflammation, swelling, and blood clotting occur in the small- and medium-sized arteries and veins surrounding the hands and feet. Read more about it on verywellhealth.com

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