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How canker sore can affect your health?

Canker Sore


Canker sores, also called stomatitis, are small, shallow lesions that form on the soft tissues of the mouth or at the base of the gums. Unlike cold herpes, mouth ulcers do not occur on the lip surface and are not contagious. However, they can be painful and make it difficult to eat and talk.



You may have ulcer pain if you have:

  • Aching pain in the tongue, soft palate (back of the palate), or inside the cheeks.
  • A tingling or burning sensation before the onset of pain.
  • Round, white or gray pain in the mouth with a red border.



Canker sores usually do not require treatment. Mouth ulcers tend to heal on their own within a week or two. However, great, persistent, or excruciating pain often requires medical care. There are many treatment options.


If you have multiple ulcer pain, your doctor may prescribe a mouthwash containing the steroid dexamethasone (dek-Suh-METH-uh-sown) to reduce pain and inflammation or lidocaine to relieve pain.

Topical products

Over-the-counter medications (pastes, creams, gels, or liquids) can help relieve pain and speed healing when administered as soon as individual pain occurs. Some products contain the following active ingredients:

  • Benzocaine (Ambesol, Canc-A, Orabase, Dilactin-B)
  • Fluocinonide (Lidex, Vanos)
  • Hydrogen peroxide (Orajel disinfectant mouth rinse, peroxyl)

There are many other topical products for ulcerative stomatitis, including those that do not contain active ingredients. Consult your doctor or dentist for advice on which is most effective.

Oral medication

Oral medications may be used in ulcerative colitis is severe or does not respond to topical therapy. These include:

  • Intestinal ulcer treatment Sucralfate (caulk), used as a coating agent, and colchicine, often used in treating gout, are drugs not explicitly designed for the treatment of ulcer pain.
  • Oral corticosteroids when severe ulcerative stomatitis has not responded to other treatments. However, it is often the last resort due to its severe side effects.

Canker sores are a common and well-known ailment that can be easily spotted in the mouth. They are rarely a reason for concern, despite the fact that they can be extremely uncomfortable. In this article, we investigate whether there is anything that can be done to alleviate canker sores and whether they ever require medical treatment. Read more about it on Medicalnewstoday.com

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