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How charcot-marie-tooth disease can affect your health ?

Charcot marie tooth disease is a group of hereditary diseases that cause nerve damage. This damage is mainly in the arms and legs (peripheral nerves). Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease is also called hereditary motor neuropathy and sensory neuropathy.

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease causes smaller, weaker muscles. It can also cause loss of sensation and muscle contraction, making walking difficult. Foot deformities such as mallets and arches are also joint. Symptoms usually begin with the feet and legs but can eventually affect the hands and arms.


CMT affects the nerves that control spontaneous muscle activity.

Common symptoms include:

  • Weakness of leg muscles
  • hard to stand
  • Frequent trips and excursions
  • it’s hard to walk
  • High step while walking


There is no cure for CMT, but physiotherapy and occupational therapy, braces, other orthopedic devices, and orthopedic surgery help people cope with the disability symptoms of their disease. Additionally, pain relievers may be prescribed for people with severe neuralgia.

Maintaining mobility, flexibility and strength are essential. Early initiation of treatment programs can delay or reduce neurodegeneration and weakness before it deteriorates. Physical therapy includes strength training, stretching muscles and ligaments, and moderate aerobic exercise. A specific exercise program approved by the doctor helps build endurance, increase endurance, and maintain overall health.

Many people with CMT need ankle supports and other orthopedic devices to maintain daily mobility and prevent injury. Corsets help prevent ankle sprains by providing support and stability during activities such as walking and climbing stairs. High heels and boots can also support weak areas of the ankle. Thumb splints are helpful in soft hands and loss of fine motor skills. Assistive devices should be used before discomfort occurs, as they can prevent muscle tension and reduce muscle weakness.

Occupational therapy involves learning new ways to cope with activities of daily living. For example, people with weak arms and hands can learn how to use Velcro fasteners and buckles instead of buttons on clothing and new ways to feed themselves using assistive technology.

A potential gene therapy for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease type 1A (CMT1A) has shown promising results in a two-year study using a mouse model of the disease. Read more about it on Charcot Marie Tooth.

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