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How chicken pox can affect your health?

What is chickenpox?

Chickenpox, also called chickenpox, is characterized by itchy, red blisters that appear throughout the body. The virus causes this condition. It often affected children and was so common that it was considered a rite of passage in childhood.

It is very rare to have chickenpox more than once. In addition, the number of cases has declined since the introduction of the chickenpox vaccine in the mid-1990s.


A few people have more severe symptoms.

Please consult your doctor in the following cases.

  • The skin around the spots and blisters becomes sore and red
  • I have trouble breathing
  • Most healthy people, like the common cold or the flu, make a full recovery by getting plenty of rest and drinking plenty of fluids.

Before the rash appears, there will be:

  • a general feeling of being unwell (malaise)
  • fever, which is usually worse in adults than children
  • aching muscles
  • loss of appetite
  • in some cases, a feeling of nausea


Most people diagnosed with chickenpox are advised to manage their symptoms while waiting for the virus to pass through the system. Parents are asked to keep their children away from school and day care to prevent the spread of the virus. Infected adults also need to be at home.

Your doctor may prescribe antihistamines or topical ointments. Alternatively, you can buy it over the counter to relieve itching. You can also relieve itching in the following ways:

  • Take lukewarm water
  • Apply unscented lotion
  • Wear light and soft clothes

Your doctor may prescribe antiviral drugs if you have viral complications or if you are at risk of side effects. People at high risk are usually young people, the elderly, or people with underlying illness. These antiviral drugs do not cure chickenpox. They reduce the severity of symptoms by slowing the activity of the virus. This allows your body’s immune system to heal faster.

Chickenpox is very infectious and occurs worldwide as a childhood disease that lasts for five to seven days. Read more about it on  Lowvelder.

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