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How to Register your Pharmacy ?

How to register your Pharmacy with Haspatal 360 App for free in 9 Simple Steps.


Step 1: Download and install Haspatal 360 App from Google Play Store.

Step 2: In Haspatal 360 App, go to “New User? Register Now”.

Step 3: Among the various services, tap on “Pharmacy”.

Step 4: Enter your personal details asked in the process.

Step 5: Verify the contact details through OTP.

Step 6: Submit further Business Details for better services to provide better opportunities.

Step 7: Choose your store timing, “Business Timing and Days open”.

Step 8: Select your “Client Services”, like what quality services you offer which differentiates your pharmacy from the competition.

Step 9: Sit back and relax as Team Haspatal is already on the way to proofread your details and will get back to you shortly.


How being an online pharmacy will benefit you?


Online selling of pharmaceuticals is already on the rise and many online players have been selling the medicines online through their network. But why Haspatal? This is simply because Haspatal.com does not sell the medicines from their stores, but enables local pharmacies to sell their medicines in their network area of service on the basis of their own choice. That’s what makes Haspatal App different from the competition. In the light of the recent outbreak of pandemic, the concerns regarding healthcare have been increased. This Covid period has affected a lot of business as far as the “curfews and lockdowns” are concerned. That’s where Haspatal App helps the pharmacies to sell their medicines in their preferable service region. Haspatal App does not intervene in the working of pharmacies but helps them to sell their medicines efficiently.

In order to sell your medicines through Haspatal App, follow the above simple 9 steps and grow the reach of your pharmacy to a greater extent. For more information, contact us.