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Is it okay to cleanse your body by fasting from time to time?

Fasting is the voluntary abstinence or decrease from some or all food, drink, or both for an extended period of time.

A good detox or cleansing regimen helps your body get rid of old gunk and surplus that has built up in your tissues over time. It allows your organs, particularly your taxed digestive system, to relax.

Fasting is a healthy approach to cleanse, especially if your fasting routine permits you to eat fruits and light vegetables.

Every day, the human body detoxifies naturally. The digestive system eliminates undigested food, while the lungs expel carbon dioxide-rich air. The skin, like the rest of the body, works to expel waste and perspiration through pores and sweat glands.

Aside from these natural detox mechanisms, the body may require additional assistance in eliminating toxins that have accumulated over time.

Human body is a self-healing creature that constantly removes and neutralises poisons. Detoxing is similar to giving your body an internal spring cleaning at the cellular level. Keeping your body hydrated is essential for a successful detox.

What happens to our body during fasting?


When we fast, our bodies do not have normal access to glucose, prompting cells to make energy from other sources. As a result, the body initiates gluconeogenesis, a natural process through which the body produces its own sugar.

Non-carbohydrate elements such as lactate, amino acids, and lipids are converted into glucose energy by the liver. Because our bodies preserve energy during fasting, our basal metabolic rate (the amount of energy we burn while resting) improves, decreasing our heart rate and blood pressure.

Fasting’s Health Advantages:


Although fasting might be difficult and uncomfortable at times, the emotional and physical advantages can include:

  • Improve cognitive performance
  • Avoid obesity and the chronic diseases that come with it.
  • Reduce inflammatory response.
  • Increase your overall fitness.
  • Help with weight loss
  • Reduce your chances of developing metabolic disorders.
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