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Koduvally Medicals joins together with Haspatal App to enhance its online presence.

Koduvally Medicals, a well-known pharmacy began distributing drugs online in partnership with Haspatal app to reach more clients in their area.

Abdul Razaq, the owner of the Koduvally Medicals said “Many people actually prefer utilise health services from the solace of their own home in this day and age of smart phones. Even so, the lack of an effective and qualified system and fraudulent applications demotivates people from utilising health services via online. The Haspatal app is the best solution for this. People could use these services within their budget. Thanks to trustworthy, accurate facilities of Haspatal App we could extend our services online and research more customers in our area. Furthermore, the app’s simple few steps and user-friendly mode empower it in reaching out to a larger number of people in the public.

Our pharmacy has always been dedicated to providing the best health-care services to the community. We are now happier because we can extend our services to a significant number of individuals in our neighborhood. We could provide services to people who are unable to visit our pharmacy for a multitude of reasons, and we could provide most comprehensive and best services to those people as well.

The app’s team complimented those who downloaded the app. They confirmed that they would do their best to support both the pharmacy as well as the general public in receiving elevated health services at very affordable cost.”

Team Haspatal congratulates Koduvally Medicals on their decision to join this cutting-edge platform, which will provide excellent healthcare services to over one crore patients across India, with the goal of making patients’ lives easier through innovative services.

Absal Manooryl, the Director Operations for Haspatal Program in India, welcomed Koduvally Medicals for joining this initiative to provide better care to patients in need.

Patients in Calicut can now order directly from Koduvally Medicals Medical using quick access code 91P0000204 and enjoy a cash-on-delivery mode within minutes.