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New Medical starts delivering medicines online in Calicut, Kerala with Haspatal App

New Medical, a well known pharmacy in Calicut, Kerala has joined the Haspatal App to make patients’ lives easier in Calicut, Kerala.

Mr Sunil Kumar, the owner of the New Medical said “Patients these days wish to get their medical supplies online. But due to the lack of reliability of the online pharmacies, patients hesitate to buy. Better services for the patients is our topmost priority and the ultimate goal. We wish to escalate these services to the next phase by integrating the people living in Calicut with the Haspatal Remote Healthcare Program. The service strategy practiced by the team Haspatal to make it easier for patients is astounding which not only delivers the medicine to patients timely, but also enables us to accommodate them better. Patients in our service region can now place orders for medicine using the Haspatal Mobile App and get their medicines at discounted price within minutes.”

Radhika Gulati, The Project Coordinator of Haspatal Program told “We place a high value on serving our patients. We hope to take our services to the next level by connecting to all patients in our coverage area by implementing the Haspatal Remote Healthcare Program.

Haspatal remote healthcare program runs on the advanced technology platform provided by Eminent Physicians USA, the global leaders in remote healthcare and has been working to provide services to over 1 crore patients across India.”

Absal Manooryl, Operations Director, Haspatal Program in India, welcomes New Medical for onboarding with the platform that targets to achieve the exceptional healthcare services to over one crore people across India.

Patients in Calicut, Kerala can now order directly from New Medical using quick access code 91P0000196 and enjoy a cash-on-delivery mode within minutes.