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My Lab has now an online facility to provide patients with a digital portal through Haspatal App

Patients in Calicut can now order laboratory testing from My Lab using the Haspatal App.

My Lab has joined the Haspatal Remote Healthcare Platform, and now patients from Calicut, Kerala can submit orders or book appointments for lab testing at their own convenience.

Sukritha, the owner of My lab said, “Patients can use the cutting-edge Haspatal App to order blood work such as a complete blood count (CBC), comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP), lipid panel, blood sugar, or thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) readings to monitor their blood chemistry and biomarkers. Using the Haspatal App to get lab tests is a useful tool for patients dealing with specific medical conditions. They can take control of their health by getting blood tests and relying less on relatives.”

“Haspatal 360 App allows Calicut patients to generate lab orders immediately, enabling them to receive samples and pick up orders on the same day if they have the order number. The software would be easy for patients to use.”

“Under this arrangement, patients will not be forced to make any payments online,” explains Radhika Gulati, Project Coordinator. The labs will receive payments from patients directly, and the results will be given within the agreed-upon time frame.”

“With the increasing aid of Diagnostics labs, pharmacies, and therapies, we have been working to simplify life for patients, and we are grateful to those who support our goal of enhancing patients’ lives.” she stated.

The Director of Operations, Absal Manooryl for the Haspatal Program in India thanks My Lab for assisting in our effort to deliver better care to those in need.

Patients can now make lab orders directly with My Lab in Calicut using the Short Access Code 91L0000679 for home collection of blood samples or a quick appointment.