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What factors affect sexual health?

Individuals’, couples’, and families’ overall health and well-being, as well as communities’ and countries’ social and economic development, are all dependent on sexual health, according to WHO. In this article, we will learn what factors affect sexual health. Sexual health, when viewed positively, involves a positive and respectful attitude toward sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the ability to have pleasurable and safe sexual encounters free of compulsion, prejudice, and violence. 

  • access to comprehensive, high-quality sex and sexuality knowledge; 
  • understanding of the dangers they may encounter and their vulnerability to the negative consequences of unprotected sexual involvement are all factors that influence men and women’s ability to achieve sexual health and well-being.
  • sexual health services are available;
  • sexual health can be improved by living in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Why sexual health is important?


Sexual health is essential for a satisfying sex life, the ability to select your sexuality, protection from sexually transmitted diseases, and the ability to choose how and when to conceive or avoid pregnancy.

These are the factors that affects sexual health of a person: There are also a variety of more variable risk and protective factors that determine human sexual behavior and can influence sexual health and responsible sexual conduct. 

  • Biological factors, parents and other family members, schools, friends, the community, the media, religion, health-care professionals, the law, and the availability of reproductive and sexual health services are all issues to consider.
  • STDs and STIs infect and alter the function of the sex organs. Infections and diseases diminish the activity of affected organs, if not the entire body. Infections of the genitals are usually accompanied with sores and ulcers around the sexual organs. Men’s sexual drive and activity are significantly reduced, especially if the sores are severe. Women’s infections are largely internal, although can have an impact on their sexual lives.
  • Anxiety and fear: This is the most important factor affecting sexual health in young adults. For both men and women, the dread of unintended pregnancies and sexual diseases decreases sexual desire. Some of them resort to the use of illicit pregnancy medications, which limit their sexual activity.
  • The brain is at the heart of sexuality fitness,’ as it generates and regulates sexual urges. Stress and depression, on the other side, limit sexual activity, therefore staying stress-free is recommended. Because the brain is in charge of sexuality, any sort of anxiety is harmful to one’s sexual health.
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