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Why your teeth are more sensitive during winters?

Your teeth stretch and contract in reaction to intense heat and cold. This can cause fissures in your teeth, exposing the susceptible small tubes beneath your enamel, over time. Dentin is the layer beneath the enamel. Any issues with this layer could expose you to cold-weather discomfort. It’s your teeth’s “core,” with enamel covering the top and gums covering the bottom. When your teeth are exposed to cold air, cold foods, or cold liquids, this can cause dental sensitivity and pain. Tooth sensitivity is a clear sign that you require treatment.

Why are teeth more sensitive in the winter?

  • Enamel contraction: Teeth naturally expand in the summer and contract in the winter as the outer layers of enamel contract in extreme cold. It causes cracks and dentine exposure. As a result, teeth become insensitive.
  • Seasons of celebration: Winter is a time for celebrations and sugary delights, as well as excessive sugar consumption and party season. Oral health is affected by irregular sleep patterns, which can lead to tooth sensitivity.
  • Seasonal flu: Flu, colds, and sinus infections can all cause sensitivity and pain. Due to nasal congestion or infection, a sinus can become inflamed and irritated, putting pressure on dental nerves, producing discomfort and sensitivity.
  • Many people who have tooth sensitivity have pain that is triggered by a specific stimulus, such as excessive temperatures or hot beverages. The greater the temperature differential, the more exposed nerve endings are irritated, resulting in more acute pain. Throughout general, you may drink more hot beverages in the winter.
  • Brushing your teeth is an important part of keeping your mouth healthy. Brushing your teeth poorly, on the other hand, might cause sensitivity and other dental problems. Brushing too vigorously or with a stiff-bristled brush can wear down the enamel’s exterior coat.
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