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Infection Control Nurse

Medicovers Hospitals

TalentMD Healthcare Jobs

Urgently Required

Infection Control Nurse for Medicovers Hospitals – Pune

Job Description

  1. Gathering and analyzing infection data to make evidence-based decisions
  2. Educating medical and public health professionals on infection prevention protocols to facilitate emergency preparedness
  3. Isolating and treating infected individuals to contain the spread of infectious diseases
  4. Assisting with the development of action plans in case of a community or hospital outbreak to minimize the potentially devastating impact
  5. Collaborating with government agencies such as the CDC to ensure that infection control practices are implemented and enforced
  6. Studying pathogens to determine origin in order to prevent future outbreaks
  7. Assisting scientists and physicians with developing treatments and vaccines to ensure the health and safety of patients and the community
  8. Responsible for the surveillance, analysis, and reporting of Hospital Acquired infections; educating employees about infection control and ensuring the implementation of various infection control policies in the hospital.