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Medical Superintendent

Be Well Hospitals

TalentMD Healthcare Jobs

Urgently Required

Medical Superintendent for Be Well Hospitals- Chennai

Job Description

1.To take daily ward rounds — Supervision and attend to patient and staff grievances, Inspect
drugs for stock positions of medicines and other items as per requirement, arrange for
replacement and defaulters to be reported to M.S. Depending upon availability of M. Os. On
daily basis, supervision of work of all departments of hospital will be assigned to M. Os.
2 Routine administrative work, grant leave to all categories to staff, arrangement of substitute as
per need.
3 Supervision of O.P.D. checking of records, admissions, discharge 0.T. list, waiting list, etc.
4 Supervise working and attendance of Office Staff, Honoraries, R.M.O.’s and M. O.’s. Lab.
Staff, Kitchen, M.R.O., Ambulance, Hearse, Nursing Staff etc.
5 Monitors stock of equipments, machinery, medicine, surgical items, dietary articles, milk and
prepared foods.
6 Attend to staff grievance and inspect field record of outdoor staff! counseling of Nursing staff,
Office Staff! Para Medical Staff! Labour staff with the help of Sr. M.O., 0.S. Matron.
7 Sign imprest bill, remittance, Diet, pay sheet, certificates, etc.
8 To Assist M.S. in expansion plan, development scheme, manag