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Operations Executive

Shalby Multi Specialty  Hospitals

TalentMD Healthcare Jobs

Urgently Required

Operations Executive for Shalby Multi Specialty  Hospitals – Mohali

Job Description

  1. Express their operations strategies and objectives to make sure that the company which they are working for reaches its target and operates effectively.
  2. Assisting various other higher executives and also the owner of the company or may be the company’s Board Of Directors.
  3. They might also be given the responsibility for the complete operations of a small business.
  4. Professionals doing an Operations Executive job is largely responsible for that particular part of the workplace that instantly manages the entire operations and also looks after the maintenance of equipment and facilities.
  5. Has to report to various parts of the organization in which he or she works at like Chief Operations Officer, Facilities Executive etc but he or she normally has direct access to the higher management.