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Pathology Technician

Max Healthcare

TalentMD Healthcare Jobs

Urgently Required

Pathology Technician for Max Healthcare – Delhi

Job Description

  1. Collecting blood samples from patients using a syringe or vacuum tube collection device
  2. Preparing samples for analysis by performing tests such as culturing bacteria or staining slides for microscopic examination
  3. Preparing specimens for examination by physicians by sterilizing and arranging them in appropriate containers
  4. Performing laboratory tests such as urinalysis, cultures, and blood cell counts to diagnose disease or infection
  5. Taking X-rays of patients’ upper bodies using a film-based system or scanning them with digital equipment to create computerized tomography (CT) images
  6. Taking biopsies of tissue samples from suspicious growths or lesions for microscopic analysis
  7. Maintaining inventory of lab supplies and reordering items that are running low
  8. Recording patient information such as symptoms, medical history, test results, and treatment plans